Our strategic plan outlines the priorities, goals, and actions for Surrey Police Service (SPS), as we work to build a police service that is accountable and responsive to Surrey's public safety needs.


Jas and Madison walking towards police vehicle

Our board-approved strategic plan puts an emphasis on creating a diverse and accountable police service that is focused on community-based policing practices and public safety. 

SPS’s strategic plan is informed through extensive community consultation and stakeholder relations. SPS uses a combination of opinion surveys, stakeholder interviews, and focus groups to develop the strategies and priorities within its strategic plan. 

Strategic priorities 

SPS's initial strategic plan was developed to reflect a building and development stage of SPS, setting the direction and positioning SPS for success as the local, modern police service for Surrey. 

  • Organizational development: creating a diverse and skilled organization with a focus on human resources, IT development, operational readiness, and risk mitigation.  

  • Employee development and wellness: fostering a competent and resilient organization that emphasizes employee wellness and modern training practices.  

  • Community policing model development: building a locally based community policing model that features a high-level of community input focusing on youth and Indigenous communities.  

You can read the initial strategic plan here